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Tuesday, May 10th, 2016

This I do day in, day out – bent over, tilling the ground, resisting all distractions, focusing on what must be covered – working very hard!!!

This day in the shadows I saw a figure close by and He tapped me before I knew it.

For a moment I thought to myself what distraction? At this time in my life?

He did not give me a chance to utter a word, took me by the hand, looked me in the eyes and said “WALK WITH ME AND NOT JUST WORK FOR ME”

Immediately I realized it was the Lord, the Monarch and Master of the Universe, My Lord, My Father, My Love, My Maker, My Redeemer, My Help, My Defender, My Comfort, My Healer, My Protector, The Lifter of my head, My Everything.

I sat with Him and asked “What do you mean Lord” and He began:

“Keep in step with, not ahead of me, nor behind me.

Obey Me at all times – where I want you to go, you go, what I want you to do, you do, ho I want you to be you become.

Love, because your life depends on it

Fellowship with Me in prayers and in the study of My Word.

Worship and Praise Me.

Let Me be glorified in your life.

Represent Me well on the earth and make Me FAMOUS.

As you walk with Me and not just work for Me my child, you are building Spiritual Capacity for the journey of life ahead”, He said.


By Ayodeji Lawrence